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  • Deferent colors

  • Different ways of productions

  • Different dimensions 

30x7, 10x20, 22x8, 5x15, 5x20, 2.5x5, 2.5x8, 3x8, 2.5x15, 2.5x20, 3x7, 3x8, 3x10, 3x15, 20xFL, 15xFL, 20xFL, 30x60, 30xFL 

and more 

We have a big factory 11200m2 contain many Italian, Turkish and Chinese technology as the following:-

Polishing Machine

Resin line (Epoxy and polyester treatment)

Bridge cutting machines

Split face machines

Tumbled machine 

  • Marmo Design have ability to supply all our Egyptian marble types in bush hammered surface finish 

  •  We produce it using Automatic polishing machine by different diamond tools for bush hammering 

  • Bush hammered marble slabs 

  • Bush hammered marble tiles

  • Bush hammered window-sill 

  • open request for any dimensions 

We have different types of sandblasting finish

  • Sandblasting 

  • Sandblasting then brushing

  • Sandblasting then tumbling 

  • Sandblasting then brushing then tumbling 

Special offer for Sinai Pearl, Triesta marble flamed tiles

Available more than 10,000 M2 2cm, 3cm and 4cm

Get any dimensions you need  

"25% Discount"

Order Now

5,6,7,8,9,10,15, 20 up to 50CM

Marble & Granite fireplaces

Modern and classic designs 


Marmo Design For Marble and Granite

Why Marmo Design ….?

Price wise

Marmo Design saves you a huge profit margin from the whole sellers & retailers, provides you the most competitive marble and  granite prices.


  • Product wise

Marmo Design allows you choose directly from our rich nature more than 30 kinds of stones with different quality levels, through most of  Egyptian quarries.


We have the ability to meet all our clients needs as our products in the form of (blocks , slabs , tiles ,stairs, and cut to size) are manufactured according to the international specifications with different finishes such as (polishedhonedbrushed, sandblastedflamed, bush hammeredtumbledSplit Face……)​


  • Service wise

Marmo Design offers the best service that you deserve, through a team of experienced professionals in exporting Egyptian stone to various countries all over the world, they're doing their best to to meet the customers' requirements through quality control at all the stages: 
Extracting natural stone, (Limestone , Marble, Granite, Onyx)
Selecting & packing

Loading, shipping & exporting stages



Best designs of marble and granite 

for your kitchen



Sunday - Thursday 09:00 - 17:30



Until the goods are delivered to our customer, guaranteeing reliable advice, smooth logistics, excellent and flexible service, and the only way to know the difference is to live it with Marmo Design

Marmo Design For Marble & Granite is one of the best companies that works in the field of marble & granite in Egypt and the Middle East. It can supply and install all kinds of marble & granite imported to the Egyptian market and export the best Egyptian raw materials to high markets. Also, competitive prices  trying to upgrade our customers in the Egyptian market and abroad.


We can also meet the requirements of the biggest projects in both Egypt and globally

Marmo Design depends on skillful calibers whose mission is to blend nature and art to introduce magnificent products with innovative finishes and superior quality. Besides product quality, brand commitment, and the strong production line, the company has updated its work flow cycle to achieve the best for its customers. a phase of quality control has been added to the production process. In addition, a new team for customer care become responsible for after sales services. We are eager to stay on common ground with you regarding quality and standards

We have the ability to meet all our clients desires as our products in the form of (blocks ,slabs ,tiles ,stairs, and cut to size) manufactured according to the international specifications with different polishedhonedbrushedsandblastedflamedbush hammeredtumbledSplit Face

Company Products: -

Marble Slabs, Marble Tiles, Marble Blocks, Marble Flooring, Floor Tiles, Egyptian marble blocks, Egyptian granite blocks, Egyptian marble slabs and tiles

(Polishedhonedbrushedsandblastedflamedbush hammeredtumbledSplit Face…)

Marble and granite designs, complete with various sizes, finishing forms

Mosaic of marble, Countertops and kitchens of marble and granite, Columns of Marble, Lighting units of Onyx, Fireplaces of Marble, Water-jet Works, Marble, Split Face, Egyptian Marble, Marble Egypt

Landscape for walls and exterior destinations

The company exports marble and granite to most countries of the world (Russia, Korea, France, Italy, Canada, Spain, America, Greece, Portugal, Indonesia, Austria, South Africa, Kenya, UK, Argentina, Colombia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and others from all over the world

For the local market, the company supplies imported and Egyptian marble and Egyptian granite to the local market for most of the marble engineers and contractors in the Egyptian market

Head Office  & Export department :  

Address: 96 El-Amal Towers , Zahra El-Maadi , Cairo, Egypt

 Tel/Fax:   +2-02-27000974


WhatsApp & Viper:  +2-010-97762270

Factory :

Factory : Arab Abo Saad , El-Tebeen , Cairo, Egypt