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  • Split Face Machine

We have to kinds of splitting machines​

1- two machines can make tiles up to 30 x60 

2- one machine can split the tiles 3cm thickness to two pcs

Check our Egyptian marble tiles Split Face 

  • Resin Line for Epoxy and polyester treatment 

We use the resin line to make fill the marble surface with polyester or epoxy to avoid any holes after cleaning, polishing or making honed finish 

  • 16 Heads Polishing Machine 

The machine can produce the following finishes​

  1. Polished  

  2. Honed

  3. Bush-hammered

  4. Bush-hammered + brushed 

  • Tumbling Machine

Turkish tumbling machine . 

We can make tumbled tiles up to 60 x 90

Check our Egyptian marble tumbled tiles 

  • Bridge Cutter

  • Materials after Epoxy treatment

    • Calibration machine 

    The machine can calibrate tiles size 100 x 100 cm to be 1cm thickness 

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